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Kyland is a leading global innovator in Industrial Ethernet Technology. In its home country of China, it is setting the standards for industrial network communications. The company won first prize at the 1st China Industrial Internet Contest, and has been identified by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a champion of the industrial communications industry. It is the only company from the Chinese mainland to be listed among the industry’s global top ten (only two Asian companies made the list). Kyland is also the founder and a board member of China's first industrial internet industry alliance (the Beijing Zhongguancun Industrial Internet Industry Alliance ).

By innovating and establishing standards, Kyland strives to bring the industry together on three levels: by unifying communication protocols, establishing a host platform for control and management software and by setting up a control and computing platform. This will lay the groundwork for the application of software-defined control, remote collaborative manufacturing, 5G and AI in industry everywhere. Through 20 years of research and development work, Kyland has developed the world leading industrial internet operating system Intewell, an all-purpose industrial internet communications chip and software-defined control industry servers. The company has also established four international standards (IEC61158-28 & IEC61784-CP22, IEC61158, IEC62439 and IEEE C37.238) and one national standard for China (GB/T 30094-2013). Of national projects in China, it has completed six tasks under the Core Electronic Devices, High-end Generic Chips and Basic Software Program and three under the 863 Technology Program.

Kyland’s full stack industrial internet solutions are already being put to use in a wide variety of fields, including aviation, shipbuilding, high-speed rail and subways, smart grids, power production, the petrochemical industry, metallurgy, factory automation, smart traffic, urban management and network operators. More than one million Kyland devices are running in real time worldwide, and the company’s service system has been awarded an outstanding seven-star certification by the after sales certification organization CTEAS.

Kyland is open to cooperation with partners from all over the world. Having worked and innovated with institutions and companies such as Zhejiang University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Intel and Northeastern University, the company now wholly controls core intellectual properties for industrial internet that are leading the way into the future. Kyland has always considered its corporate responsibility to be to build a new generation of Chinese industrial internet systems that look to the future and provide greater value for industrial progress and urban development in China and the world.